Week 1 Waiver Wire Pick ups

Kmet for Ebron would be my move. To be honest I don’t think many will view him as a priority add so I wouldn’t be surprised if $0 is enough.

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If Herbert can throw 300 yds plus against that defense, I think Cook has nice potential for rest of season too.

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Cook would be fine too. Personally I think Gesicki will still be fine and I’d give him a bit more time.

I’d hold Sermon for sure. I’ve heard it was more a discipline issue than talent, but who knows. With that draft capital (for whatever that really means) I’d be shocked if he were just done. Particularly with how SF rocks their RB room. Mostert sounds like he’s out a bit so might as well target Hines (who really should have been rostered already).

Tony Jones IMHO is a hold in dynasty leagues. I think that kid will surprise. But I’m biased. I jumped all over him after week 1. Same for Juwan. Yes, the 2 TD day was fluky, but it still happened. IMHO it means he’s in play to Winston and in the RZ where you want those TE targets. Don’t expect 5TD on 148 total yards to benefit him weekly, but that’s been shown in the range of outcomes. I think he also had a 2 TD game preseason?


That’s hillarious!

Here’s another waiver wire player that my friend and I had a long discussion about: MVS.

As I was debating which player to replace Jeudy with he mentioned MVS- like any other fantasy manager I said, “No way, he burns me every year and I’m done with it.”
My buddy shared his insight and I think he convinced me. MVS led his team in targets. He’s getting more short passes thrown his way. Rodgers has talked so positive about MVS and if there’s a get right game, it’s this one coming up against Detroit. Trying to pick up MVS after possibly blowing up next week will be impossible so why not go in early and get a good flex player in.

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Yeah here’s hoping, I mean if Mostert is out 8 then Sermon has got to figure in. I’ll go after Mitchell and Hines.

Agree on Tony Jones, he and Ty’son looked good in the work they had. I think both could be useable this season on a weekly basis, as a flex with upside in the not too distant future. Ty’son need to see another week but Tony Jones should be there in another week and has major upside if AK goes down.


I mean someone else in that WR core needs to catch the ball so he’s a shoot your shot guy for sure.

I still think either of the Denver WRs edge him for me, but there are a ton of WR options this week to plug and play or stash. MVS is more of a stash and see when Rodgers plays normally but could pay off, likely be cheap or free too - lot if people go nuts for the new hotness in week 1!

Yup. Yup. and Yup. Exactly.

Hey- so Ty’Son did look good last night. How did you feel about Murray coming in late and getting that goal line TD. I have to admit I got a little worried there myself.


22% target share for MVS he’s a good stash and see for sure. Or a high upside/desperation flex if you need that ceiling.

WIth @Mr_Wind-up_Bird on this. Unless you’re TE+ or 2TE, you can likely get Kmet for not much as he didn’t do anything of note. I still like putting $1-3 in the even other’s have my idea on the cheap guys, but you might not need to.

I think Cook would be fine as well. I’m not sure he goes the whole season, but he should put up points for a bit.

I’d also look for Juwan (NOS) as discussed further up the thread. I think his role has a fine floor and an impressive ceiling. He’s making the right noise now while NOS WR are iffy. 5-10% FAAB

I also like Conklin with Irv out if he is there. Herndon (sp?) might be a problem but Conklin knows the system and looked good last season when given the chance. I do not see why that shouldn’t continue. 5% FAAB

Yeah didn’t understand that, but maybe just not overloading the rookie plus that game was close so coaches maybe wanting a steady hand / see what he had in the tank.

He didn’t look great though and Ty,son has burst man!

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MVS was a guy I was going to mention after answering some specific questions. I like him as a cheap piece of GB who I do not expect to be what we saw last Sunday. But it might help deflate interest.

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I didn’t see that first fumble but when he fumbled the ball a second time out of bounds; Later on Murray came in and I went, “Uh-oh.”

But kids’ a rookie, and he impressed with his opportunity. I have him in 1 league and I’m glad I do. Ravens are a running machine factory…that did start running out of stock- ha.


Some guys not mentioned (minus QB) or that I missed being mentioned.

QB - Heinicke priority in SF. They loved him in the locker room and as much as I like Fitz, if TH has the team in good feels he might stick. Plus he’s got a decent runway for usage.

RB - Alex Collins / Carlos Hyde / Larry Rountree / JJ Taylor / Trenton Cannon (deeeeep shot)

WR - Cedrick Wilson / KJ Hamler (mentioned but I really like him) / KJ Osborn / Kalif Raymond / Trent Sherfield / Denzel Mims (maybe out there)

TE - covered outside of super deep shots for dynasty / TE+ (Albert Okwuegbunam / Noah Gray / Kylen Granson / Sammis Reyes)

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Very true opportunity in fantasy is king after all. He did get a red zone touch and also not to be understated - targets, 4 of them, as a Ravens RB!!! I’d like to see one more week, but if the same crew is active vs KC that could be very tempting, huge boom/bust potential though…

Also i saw Jacksons three fumbles but none from the RBs - did i miss those?

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I love it.

Yeah I’m in on Heinicke ( can we just call him Beer instead of trying to figure out how to type his name?). I’m in 2 super flex leagues and he’s already snatched in one of them.
Ive got T. Lawrence, Tua and Teddy Bridgewater so I’m going to have to think about it.

Collins is really interesting to me as well. Penny is hurt already, right? And Collins was pretty decent in Baltimore wasn’t he? And we’ve seen how Carson runs and his injury history. (Probably those work outs that make no sense is the root of it all)

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Collins was good for a while. Then he fumbled too much. Think some legal issues finished him there. Much like mostert at SF, eventually a staff need to move on with guys that can stay on the field. Collins could easily step ahead of penny if he was to miss time.

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Beer is a must. Sucks because I like Fitz an awful lot, but for a 3-6 week filler in SF leagues on a pretty good team that likes him…that’s a strong add IMHO.

Collins is a stud. He started in SEA and was displaced by Carson then they took Penny. Next he had a little personal difficulites (nothing grotesque) and balled in BAL. GusBus / JK essentially forced him out and now he’s back in SEA.

Thing is, IMHO he’s been on the field as talented (if not more in spots) than most of those guys. Watch some of runs in BAL if you have GamePass. His feet are crazy, he’s elusive and has pretty soft hands on decent routes. I figured it was more ceremony for Penny getting the nod over him, but now with yet another weeks out for Penny dealing with injury it ought to be wheels up for Collins as the RB2 in SEA.

Now, I’ve been a Collins stan for literally years so I might be biased, but watch game tape and judge. Every time he’s had opportunity he’s delivered. I think you could do much worse with essentially a free pick on a team that likes to run.

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*EDIT - I just checked and Collin’s fumbles were an issue. More than I recalled. It doesn’t change my stance much on him when all the other factors come in for his chances rn, but I do need to change my thoughts on his fumbles historically.

That’s pretty much my take on Collins. I didn’t think the fumbles were an issue but perhaps teams did. I mean fumbles are an issue, but I thought they were overblown. Originally it was due to fighting for extra yards (similar to Carson when he fumbles) but I think he got that more under-control through the seasons. Compared to how well he played I think it was a wash, but in this case you are taking him for free as a lottery ticket. To me that’s not bad for a guy who has shown he can put up numbers back with a system he knows.

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