Week 10 Byes

Hey all! I’m looking ahead towards week 10, specifically, the Vikings bye week. I have Kirk Cousins, Adam Thielen, AND Kyle Rudolph. I have a pretty strong team, so I’m mainly concerned about finding a suitable QB stream for that week…

Any thoughts? Tia

Without knowing who is out there for you I would target either Bortles or… dare I say it… Eli Manning.

Eli gets SF that week so I think he may actually be able to get it done.

Fitzpatrick against Washington may not be terrible either.

Check for TE’s and WR’s now. I am targeting Cook just to have him for the coming bye for Kittle. You’re doing the right thing, but don’t drop crazy players for covering bye weeks. What is your record and standing? I’d rather take a goose-egg at TE in order to make sure the other skill positions are covered and you’re not compromising long term prospects by dropping studs to the WW. Because a streaming TE might very well only get you 2 for 33, which is nearly a goose-egg anyway…

Right now I’m sitting at 6-1 … I have backups on my bench at TE and QB, so I really wouldn’t have problems if I had to swap one of em out for another. Right now I have Austin Hooper and a Case Keemun on the bench.

Available QBs on the waiver wire are Flacco, Mayfield, A Smith, D Carr, Manning, and Fitzpatrick is there too among others