Week 10 Defense:

Currently a happy Bears owner.

However, the Jets play the awful Bills next week and I do have an open roster spot to snag them.

Who should I play?

Bears vs. Lions
Jets vs. Bills

Offer a small player you don’t need for Chargers def and be set for next month or so.

Bears for me. The Jets as a team have never done a single good thing for me ever I don’t think haha. Maybe Curtis Martin for one season then he retired. Kerley has a good string of games one time. Think I played what’s his face at QB one time with a decent score. Chad something? Ugh what’s his name

Pennington! Of course lol. Maybe Brett Favre.

I’d play CHI DST every week ROS unless you have a juicy matchup alternative on a very bad CHI matchup (if they have one, prob against GB but not even too bad since it’ll Be at home I think). But yeah, they look like an al-opponent potential shut down defense. Just “potential” but I have no other team to say that about so far.