Week 10 Lineup Help (great matchups and can't decide)

I have some pretty good matchups so I am having a difficult time at deciding my lineup, any help would be greatly appreciated. This is also a 1 qb/ 2 wr/ 2 rb/ 1 flex league. My whole lineup is:

QB: Rodgers, Wentz
WR: Odell, Keenan allen, landry, sanders (bye), and baldwin
RB: Kamara, Mixon, David Johnson, Chubb, Howard
TE: Njoku, Doyle
D: Chargers
K: Zuerlin

So the question really is for your flex:
Landry vs David Johnson vs Chubb vs Howard
I would immediately say to sit Chubb and Howard because Chubb could/should be game-scripted out and Howard is TD dependent.
So that leaves Landry vs DJ
I play DJ because I think the floors are similar but DJ has higher upside

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Thanks for the input, I appreciate it man.

Odell, Keenan
Kamara, Mixon
Doyle (for PPR) Njoku in Standard.
Landry (PPR), Howard (Standard) or possibly Chubb. DJ is a good option too. You can’t realky go wrong here.

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