Week 11 Flex Help. Pick two from three

I have John Brown, Tate and Sutton to choose from. Who would you choose?

Oof that’s tough. Given Tate’s last game, I’d try to keep him on my bench until I see him getting the targets in Philly needed to perform. So I’d go Brown and Sutton.

I was thinking the same thing but he has such a good matchup this week

Ya he does and that’s honestly the only reason it’s a tough choice for me. Brown has a solid matchup as well so he’s in for me even if it’s not Flacco behind center. I still think Sutton has the safer floor than Tate though along with a higher potential to blow up. I think Ertz and Alshon are poised for great games against NO with bigger play potential but not necessarily Tate.

bumpity bump bumparoo