Week 11 QB Start Help!

.5 ppr 6 pt td - with Flacco out do I roll with the Jackson hype train or Fitzpatrick?

Fitz. I don’t trust what they’ll do in Baltimore.

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Yea, tough to roll with him on his first start, just wanted to hear what others thought his upside could be in comparison to Fitz. They are my only options right now.

Fitz is clumsy but he usually puts up fantasy points. Cant believe Im saying it but Fitz is the safer option.

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Haha, trust me it hurts! Hopefully the rest of my team makes up for my weak QB situation

Start: Julio, Adams, M. Gordon, Conner, Vance, DJ, Succop, Minn Def - Bench: Keenan, L. Jackson, Breida, Jared Cook