Week 12: funchess or tyreek?

Funchy gets NYJ easier matchup

Tyreek gets BUF youd think BUF has a better game here

Who do I start & why?


Hill. Buffalo defense is exposed and everyone is taking advantage. I think Hill and Allen have similar skill sets and we just saw what he did to them… but Hill is faster. I like the matchup better and expect Funchess’ target numbers to go down with Olsen back.

Brutal. Hill stunk it up-- Funchy only up by a bit but still! Im in the same dilemma this week.

Do I start Hill or Jones Jr. or Diggs???

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Man those could all be bad matchups. Personally I would go Diggs but I know Hill will just prove me wrong…

I would go with Funchy, Tyreek has upside but Andy Reid is a storm of crap and so is KC right now.