Week 12 QB Help

I have Big Ben and Tannehill on my team currently. Rivers and Taysom Hill are both on the waivers. Whoever wins this gets a spot in the playoff, based off of how record and points are turning out.

My opponent has Michael Thomas. Should I play Hill to soften the blow in case MT gets a TD? Or should I play any of the other 3? I have Pittman for a Rivers stack, but last time Indy played the Titans, Rivers didn’t need to do much. Big Ben has been solid, but only did OK against the Ravens last time (19 points in a 6 point TD league).


I have Big Ben in 2 leagues as well and I’m looking to pivot this week. I would definitely play Taysom Hill over him. I would also definitely play Carr this week over Big Ben so maybe try to get him if you can’t get Hill. I’m not interested in Rivers or Tannehill this week. I am even considering playing Daniel Jones over Big Ben if I can’t get Hill or Carr

Thanks! I was able to get Hill off of waivers, so that worked out. Carr was picked up a couple weeks ago otherwise I might have leaned his way a bit more than Hill. I’m just hoping Denver doesn’t do to him what they did to Tua.

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They may lock him up in the passing game but if that is the case, I still think he gets at least 50 rushing yards with a TD, so the floor still seems very safe