Week 12 web decisions

Eli Manning

Russell Wilson

Or Winston

Who and why?? Thanks

Winston against a west coast team playing at 1pm eastern. Did i also mention its San Francisco?

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Alright footballers are saying Winston, you’re saying Winston I’m Rockin Winston over Russell Wilson

Winston has the biggest upside and his trend (really his and Fitz both) is to do really well for the game or two after being solidified as starter. Two games from now, no matter the opponent, under any circumstance, are you to start Winston. But according to his algorithm, he is probably a game winner for you this week.

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Thanks @Caveman45 would you stack him with brate or should I leave Doyle in my line up?

The TB QB have combined as many fantasy points as Brees. Questions?

I think those are both pretty solid options this week. Would probably lean Brate because of his well documented chemistry with Winston and OJ being out. You could go either way and probably be good tho. Both solid options.


Good stuff @Caveman45

I might go brate because of him realistically being the only TE, but I would hate to se Doyle do what Ebron did lol man talk about fantasy football lol