Week 13 DEF Stream, Denver or KC?

Who would you start week 13?

Denver for Cin
KC vs Oakland

Also wondering this same thing. My gut is leaning KC. They are among several decent options in my league this week, including Denver. Options also include Packers, Dolphins, Eagles, Titans, and Seahawks. :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

KC IMO. Also picked up Saints for next week matchup. Oakland will make tons of mistakes trying to catchup to the chiefs

Denver is a better defense.

I like them weeks 13-16, but both of these are good plays.

Carr isn’t great but he’s decent enough, it’s just everything else around him is horrible but going against a guy making his first NFL start against the Denver defense is far better imo.

Denver is playing so well. If you grab them just hold on to them for ROS