Week 13 Lineup, do I have a chance to stay at #1?


R.Wilson vs PHI
Ingram vs CAR
Bell vs CIN
Thielen vs ATL
Funchess vs NO
T. Kelce vs NJ
C.Kupp vs ARI
K.Elliot vs SEA
Titans vs HOU


A.Smith vs NJ
K.Drake vs DEN
A.Kamara vs NO
L.Fitzgerald vs LA
T.Hill vs NJ
J.Cook vs NYG
B.Cooks vs BUF
R.Succop vs HOU
Saints vs CAR

If I lose this week, ill drop to #3 and wont be able to get bye week for week 14 :frowning_face:

I like your team much better than your opponent’s. I think you’ll be alright this week.

Thanks! I needed to hear that. Last week I lost by 10 points because Ingram came short with only 3 points and so did T.Kelce

Yeah…I would have to agree with @hurricanetht. I would feel a lot more comfortable with your team, with Russel, Ingram, Bell, Thielen, Funchess and Kelce. And everything I’ve read and heard is saying that little Kupp could kick butt this week. AND…TEN DST against Hou’s QB Savage. Yeah!!!

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I lost unfortunately. ALEX SMITH BLEW UP. he helped hill reach 37 points .