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Week 13 MNF


Not a question. :slight_smile: 18 points from Bell tonight is the difference between going into the playoffs 2nd or 6th.

Going to be a long day.


Yikes. Mondays are bad enough withOUT having to wait for game-deciding points. Here’s hoping he goes off tonight!

Bell owner as well, up 6 points in a standard league, opponent just has AJ Green left. Hoping Bell outgains Green, gonna be a long day of waiting as well. A win would clinch a playoff spot. An early TD would go a long way toward making the game more bearable from the start…:sweat_smile:


Im there with ya. Need 35 PPR from Lev + Steelers DST for a first round bye…and am waiting to see if my opponent is taking a goose egg from AB, yikes what a rough week.


How’d it go for everyone??? Way too up and down for my taste!

Green gets the first TD and the second one too, and hit the half with 19 points to Bell’s 5 in my league. I was up by 6 going in, so things did NOT look good.

Then, Green gets shut out the second half and Bell gets work, ended up winning by 10 and clinching the playoffs!

That 60-yarder from Green that got called back though, that would have won the game for the opponent. Now i just get to sit back and hope none of my players are injured Week 14 before my playoffs start during 15.

Anything that can happen in the first half of a fantasy football game, can conversely happen in the second half. Always have to watch until the very last second…


Bell locked me into 2nd and a 14th week bye. CAN’T complain! :slight_smile: