Week 13: Smith or McCown?

I’m losing confidence in Smith for obvious reasons and I have McCown as a backup. I’m leaning towards starting McCown this week and also starting Robby Anderson and benching smith and Green. Am I crazy or does this sound like a good plan?

I have the same exact scenario. I’m starting McCown. I’m from Kansas City, and i don’t think the Offense will look like it did in the beginning of the season. I’ve seen it happen to many times. Smith has always been a check down receiver, and after a string of losses, he’s not going to take any risks. AND KC has the worst secondary in the league. We give up a lot of big plays.

I’m in the same boat guys. I have Smith as my current starting QB with Stafford on the bench. Would you drop Smith for McCown or Stafford? I also have Jordy wasting a bench spot and he would be my only other drop option to get McCown. I think McCown is the best option this week.

I think that I would rather have Stafford over both Smith or McCown.

I’d play McCown…Smith has been awful these past last half of season, and producing nothing via fantasy points, especially with Kareem Hunt being stopped. And he LOVES Robbie Anderson!!! That’s his guy!!! And while benching AJ for Robbie may sound a little out there, it could be a possibility that Pittsburgh’s defense might show up!

But as for the Alex Smith VS Josh McCown…I’d say McCown all the way!

Stafford probably isn’t available. lol