Week 13 TE stream

With Gronk on bye this week I have to stream a random tight end. I grabbed Gesicki a couple weeks ago to have one ready, but now that Irv Smith might miss another game I’m kind of leaning towards spot starting Rudolph.

There’s a lot of variables that come into play too. Does Fitzpatrick or Tua start? Will Irv definitely be out?

Who would you guys start? And would these different situations change who you would play?

I think I’d prefer Rudolph but the Thielen return could really hurt him. It’s not a choice I envy.

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I could also go for Burton but I’m using my top waiver claim on Kittle so I don’t wanna double dip claims on TEs. Tough decision between all the random streamers

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Burton is who I was going to suggest as potential, but if you are able to land Kittle (I’m assuming this is not redraft) use that.

For the players you have, I like Gesicki and Rudolph just fine. I agree with @Mr_Wind-up_Bird that Thielen might interfere with him but MIN likes to lean on the TE. While I think Gesicki is a better talent, I’ve yet to see MIA really focus on their TE.

From a match up PoV they look pretty equal. Neither squad is playing a tough team on paper. I feel both CIN and JAX have nothing to play for, but might want to be spoiler to MIN and MIA who are looking for some Ws. That said, I do think MIN will lean heavy on Cook and depend more on Thielen / Jefferson where as MIA has been looking more at Gesicki with their banged up core.

I would roll Gesicki or Burton. IF this is a redraft league skip Kittle and go for Burton, else definitely go after Kittle. If you get Burton, I’d say it’s a coin flip between he and Gesicki. I’d give the edge to Burton becuase HOU has been putting up points. Yes, Fuller is out but Watson is crushing ATM. That might be more of a shoot out where the pass game is more lively. That ought to favor Burton.

But in the end, Gesicki == Burton on usage and both have been lower volume TE dependent TEs this season. I’d give the nudge to Burton because IND has other legit pass catchers to give HOU pause. MIA is really rolling out Parker / Gesicki.

Just my two cents!