Week 14 Matchups, In-or-Out, Russell Wilson Dilemma

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Fantasy Football Podcast for December 8th, 2017. The Fantasy Footballers are back again with a jam-packed episode with the fantasy playoffs upon us. We’ll discuss last night’s game and the Alvin Kamara concussion, get you caught up on the latest injury news headed into the weekend, and discuss the fantasy football outlook for a number…

I don’t get it… who have the Jags played? What elite QBs have they stopped? These are the QBs they played - Savage, Mariota, Flacco, McCown, Big Ben, Goff, Jacoby, Dalton, Rivers, Kizer, Gabbert and Jacoby again…pretty weak set.

Rivers, Goff and Big Ben might be the only upper tier QBs and Rivers had a top-15 game, Goff was mid-tier and Big Ben was in the midst of his poor run of bottom 8 finishes in 4 weeks. Heck, Gabbert had a top-15 game against them.

I think Wilson is still a top-5 play