Week 15 and 16 QB Help

Deciding who to start this week and who to pick up for week 16.

Roster: Jimmy G, Cousins, Baker

Free Agents: Fitzpatrick, Minshew, Eli

Thinking Jimmy G this week and Fitzpatrick next week so far, but any input is appreciated.

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Here is how my QB model has them each projected to finish this week and next week:
Fitzmagic - QB5, 6
Mayfield - QB6, 31
Manning - QB10, 18
Jimmy G - QB15, 20
Cousins - QB26, 21
Minshew - QB11, 14

For me it’s Fitzpatrick, despite Parker potentially being out this week. If it’s just a one-week decision and you can roster Fitzpatrick also, then I would go with Mayfield this week if Parker is not back. Full disclosure, my QB rankings this week depart a bit more than usual from the Baller’s rankings. I am comfortable with the process I used to get to mine (based on schedule-adjusted fantasy points allowed), and I am using my projections myself, but I wouldn’t fault anyone for going with the guys say in their rankings instead.

My QB model is below for reference. Hope that helps. Good luck!

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