Week 15 and 16 qb troubles

So I have been streaming QBs most of the year. In my league we have 2 divisions, and the winners get a 1st round playoff bye. I am going to be winning my division, so need a qb for weeks 15 and 16. I currently have Darnold and Tannehill. You think that will be good, or should I pick up a Foles or Fitzpatrick?

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I’d pick up Fitz personally, I’m doing the same in my 12 man league and I’m currently streaming Darnold until his schedule hits the fan and I have Fitzy on my bench ready to step in once that happens.

Here is how my QB model has them projected for Weeks 15-16 combined:
Darnold - QB28
Tannehill - QB4
Fitz - QB7
Foles - QB8

None of the four have any big blow-up games or really bad games either week (except Darnold who is unplayable both weeks). Personally I would keep Tannehill and plan to play him and drop Darnold to pick up Foles. The reason I stash Foles is that his projection is based on the smallest sample size (two full games), so he is the one with the biggest chance to surprise and potentially become a game-winner for Week 16 depending on how things go the next two weeks. Fitz is a fine stash too, though, just in case something happens with Tannehill. My QB model is below for reference.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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