Week 15 DST! Who to play

Picked up philly D a few weeks ago because they play washington this week. I also have Bills DST the clearly better Defence but not the best matchup. I know the ballers have the ranked 3 and 7 just wanna see other peoples opinion

Buffalo is probably safer, but think Philly has the better chance at giving you big points. So depends on which you would rather have.

I picked up Philly because of the Miami, NYG and Washington stretch. I got -2 from Miami and 4 last week. I’m not getting tricked again.

Don’t blame you but here are how defenses have done against Washington.

Haskins was the main QB in week 4, and then weeks 9-14. The only good defense he’s faced is Buffalo and every defense has had at least 6 points playing him. Hard to see Philly not getting at least 5 points this week.

Philly is really good against the run which is all Washington is average at. Philly sucks against the pass, but Haskins is terrible so I am not very worried about that.

Maybe, but I think McLaurin should have a good game as the corners have forgotten how to play again. I’m gonna take my chances this week with Seattle vs Carolina

That’s a good matchup too.