Week 15 DSTs...need to choose one

Lions @ Bills
Bills vs Lions
Seahawks @ 49ers
Bengals vs Raiders

Uh, not the Bengals. No way, no how.


Given these options, I would either go with the Bills. They’re DST has shown they are actually decent. The Seahawks can be used, but Bills would still be my top pick. The Lions DST could be good, but with how good Allen has been playing, it makes them riskier than previously thought.

Similar view but i would take the Seahawks first, even on the road they need to win out to get in and in division vs a weakened 49ers i think they take care of business no issues at all. Plus they play time of possession ball so the niners wont get may shots to damage them anyway.

Bills are a decent choice as well, just wary of their inability to stop the run in what could be a snowy 35+ running plays per team game.

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Seahawks put up 16 points against SF last week… they may be a road team but I think they are overall the better defence in these options. Bills are a good choice also but I think I would go seahawks

I’m playing seakhawks week 15, all of the other teams you listed on my waiver as well

I think the Bills are going to pile on the sacks on Detroit and will have a very safe floor.

I’ve got the Seahawks right now so will just stick with them. Unfortunately I wasted my waiver priority on Samuels vs grabbing the Jags D (didn’t really need to grab Samuels as I have depth to cover for Conner missing). I’m still the #1 ranked team going into playoffs at 12-1 but the next guy up has a team that’s starting to come together.

I totally agree. I stashed the Lions for a long time because I knew I was going to be in the playoffs weeks ago. They don’t look as good as they did back then. The Bills were a playoff team last season, they looked like the worst team in football on paper this season.

They arguably were for a few weeks this season, but definitely not anymore. They have a very good defense, 2nd in yardage allowed in the league. Even with that bad offense for so many weeks, somehow they pulled that off. And now that the offense is putting up points? The top seeded team picked up the Bills in my league, I don’t blame him either, they’re legit right now.

I just dropped the Lions today for Jacksonville. I have the bye so I get to play them against Mark Sanchez week 15 in all likelihood. As a Jets fan I know how many opportunities this defense will get to gain many points.

Completely agree with playing BUF that week. I streamed them back in week 12, initially just for that week. Then decided to hold onto them for the next week vs MIA. And at this point, I’m definitely holding on to them.

Also picked up DEN, and actually should have played them over BUF last week, but I still won the week, so it worked out ok.

BUT…yep…would definitely grab BUF if you can!!!

Awesome thanks guys. Still bummed out I missed the ticket on the Jags DST but I’ll make do with what I have lol.

Would y’all drop pats for buffalo? Considering dropping Denver for bills as well.

I would not drop Denver or the Pats, Denver can be started from now until week 16 and Pats offer a good pivot option if you prefer the matchups in the playoffs. I would not drop them firstly as i would want to play them myself but also if someone picked them up to use against me they are worth the hold to block other owners.

Denver and the Pats are two of the 5/6 highly sought after playoff DSTs that must be rostered at this point.

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Thanks! Who would you say are.

  1. Denver
  2. Pats

I assume that you are week 15 and 15 playoffs, like me so this is how i look at the DSTs for those weeks.

The top DSTs to own would be Broncos, Vikings Jags, Titans as tier 1 because they have plus matchups both weeks so you can hold one if you chose you could add the Rams to that to make a top 5 as Philly week 15 isn’t scary now and Arizona as week 16 is up there with Broncos vs OAK, Pats vs Bills and Titans vs Washington.

Bears are good as well, they have GB week 15 which is risky because you never want to go against Rodgers in the playoffs but they have been solid enough all year and they close at SF.

So you have a top 6 of Denver, Vikings, Jags, Rams, Titans and Bears (in order) then tier 2 i would have Texans, Pats and Washington. Tier 2 have nice matchup(s) but have some risk/needs - Pats you need a week 15 option, Washington they have Jags and Titans both on the road though and they are a team that is falling apart and the Texans have Jets and Philly but again both on the road but they are a quality DST so that’s why they come in a close 7th.

If you can hold two of the top 6 or have the Pats for week 16 at home vs the Bills stashed away even just from other owners it would be wise to do so.

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Initially I was trying to split my playoffs against SF: seahawks in week 15 and bears in week 16 both against SF… felt safe, but I have pivoted to jags vs Washington in week 15 just recently. Not sure if I am just buying into all the hype lol

Let’s remove the Jags from my list and recommendations @jordan_villavicencio they looked completely disinterested and are far too risky to use in a playoff matchup.


Bills, Broncos, or Rams week 14?

Bills, Broncos, Rams, Seattle week 15?

Ugh. I had so much high hopes for them at the beginning of the game with the INT, SAF and sack. Then the 99 yard rumble happened and I was like :poop:

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I’m trying to decide between the Bills and Seahawks as well. Not sure which one is safer. I’m thinking the Bills at home against a broken Detroit team.