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Week 15 DSTs...need to choose one


Ended up grabbing Buffalo. Would you be higher on them than Seattle against 49ers for sure?


I actually think I would. At this point anyway. LOL. The way this year’s gone who knows WTH anybody’s gonna do??? LOL

BUT…again…at this point…for next week (15)….I think I would (if I was making the call for my team) go with BUF. DET is pretty much a “sluff” at this point, whereas SF tends to be a tough one to take on some weeks!!!

Again my friend…just going by what seems to be the norm/expected at this point. Please don’t hold it against me if it busts!!! I’m doing the same thing…racking my brain. In 3rd in our 10-team PPR. BUT…geez-Louis…taking on the likes of:

Big Ben, Julio, OBJ, Ertz this week.

I’ve got Wilson/Truby, Gurley, A Jones, Dav Adams, Evans, Chubb


LOL and Fairbairn…who got me 21 flipping PPR pts last week!!!


Yeah it’s a crap shoot with DSTs. You’re team looks solid though. I’ve got a similar lineup but have Luck as my QB with Cousins as my backup. Just lost Conner too which hurt but still have Chubb and Gurley as well.


If anyone can do it I think a solid, sneaky pickup is Washington next week at the jags. I know washington is banged up a bit but the jags have all but given up recently but I would wager decent money that they get one or two sacks turned into 3 and outs early and it’s all downhill from there. That means turnovers and good field position. I dont see the jags winning TOP there even with mark Sanchez. Given AP being there and what Derrick Henry did to them I see a lot of 3rd and manageable followed by dump offs and slants with a low scoring grind it out affair.