Week 15: Morris or Rod Smith

Opponent is Oakland. I’m leaning Morris despite Smith having had the bigger game last week. Morris is still getting the brunt of carries. Thoughts?

I think I’d still lean morris too, morris out touched rod and rod got the majority of his points off 2 plays. I think if they get a lead next week morris will do what he did against the redskins

Morris for me as well…Smith had his entire production on a dump-off pass from Dak and just broke loose…Morris still getting the carries though…

I have to choose between Perine and Morris this week, though Perine was a let-down last week. Thoughts on that?

I’d go Morris over Perine personally. Just a hunch. Feels Like Morris sets up well vs Oakland and will fit into the game script nicely. I have to choose between Morris and McKinnon. Leaning McKinnon because I also have Thielen.