Week 15 playoff DST stash - Jags back in?

I’ve got the Titans and Broncos stashed… with Mark Sanchez now starting for Washington does this make them the target for playoff DSTs?

I like Denver vs Oakland week 16 but should I get the Jags in and with the Titans have back to back home games vs Washington to close the year?

I have Green or Denver to drop. I’m also tempted to grab Baker for week 16 vs the bengals in case Cam is struggling or hurt - and thoughts clan?

Any thoughts here? Grab the Jags to block and hold DEN, TEN, JAG DSTs through playoffs, drop one of my current DSTs to get Jags and drop Green for say Samuels or Jackson?

Drop AJ Green for the Jags.
Week 15, Jags are a better play than Denver. Baker could ball out.
I’m dropping my Bears this week to get the Jags for week 15.
Will play Denver week 16 then hopefully.

I have week 14 bye so don’t mind dropping the Bears

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Jags are available on mine as well. I currently have Vikes and Pats. Wondering if I should stick with that combo for 15 & 16 - I have a bye week thank god

I actually have the Bills D for week 15 against the Lions and I am contemplating dropping them for the Jags

@LG414 i think you are safer with Vikes week 15 and Pats week 16 to be honest, Jags vs WAS and Vikes vs MIA is similar to me in terms of floor and ceiling, Jags could not turn up as well like they did against the Bills and burn you.

@KWagentfromCT I’d seriously consider it, Bills are still a good play but Washington is falling apart week by week and the Jags do carry risk for sure, i dropped them after the Bills goose and looking like they had given up but the ceiling is massive.

My move is 50% blocking 50% see how they look this week (if i get them back) and then decide who to play between Jags, Denver or Titans. Titans upside is what worries me, they are solid enough but Barkley and Odell in week 15 could easily hurt them and limit them to a single digit outing.

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I have Gordon as well so i’m debating trying to get Jackson back or even Samuels if Conner misses. i’m locked in and could leave the kicker this week and hold Jackson through to week 15 to cover Gordon if needed. I’ll be 2nd or 3rd either way and play the same opponent either way so no issue for me. I can grab a kicker for week 15 when needed - thoughts on that?

Ugh I have Conner and Gordon - don’t have either handcuff!!! I’m hoping I can scoop up Jaylen tomorrow off of waivers. I just need any Conner news to be positive today to keep bidders away as I don’t have any Faab left. Hoping Gordon and Conner come back ready to go next week. Can’t rely on DJ

You can definitely drop a kicker and stash either Jackson or Samuels to see what week 15 looks like. I would do that if I were in your position

I really think Gordon will be back week 15 latest by the sounds of it, that will be a key game for them so i’d expect him to be pushing for that game to return if not this week. Conner i still keep seeing a lot of high ankle sprain talk so it is a major concern… will have to wait until later in the week i think which is annoying!

I’ve got 3 claims in for Jackson, Samuels and Jags DST in that order and if Conner is ruled out for multiple weeks i’ll swap Samuels to first. Aiming for two of three dropping Green and Badgley.

If someone before me gets the jags so be it but as i have the Titans and Broncos i’d rather get the potential RB lottery ticket handcuffs and horde them away from others if they walk into roles for longer than expected!

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Good luck! your plan sounds good. Samuels is my primary add this week followed by Russell Wilson - I own Winston and Lamar ouufff lol - The great thing about Samuels is the TE eligibility which I’m lacking as well. If I land him and Conner is missing time I will feel really confident about my chances playing Gordon, DJ, Samuels along with Julio, Adams & Keenan.

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I would not drop the bears. They play GB in week 15 which is questionable but GB hasn’t been very good so the bears could still be very good. In week 16 though they play SF… bears DST are big

Thanks and same to you - i hope you get them both! Man you could really use Wilson as well, i’d be really tempted to put him 1 given his playoff schedule but you have to insure Conner as well, tough tough choice

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But it’s Bears vs GB Week 15 with a Mccarthy less Rodgers, he could really put on a clinic.
Arent the Jags vs Sanchez led Wash a better option?
Then for week 16, I have Denver stashed against Oakland!

Does anyone think that with McCarthy gone, GB’s offense will play differently now? Especially considering it’s the OC stepping in? I have Adams and Jones and would love if they ramped it up going into the playoffs.

As long as you wont be going against the Bears week 16 i don’t mind it. The Jags do have the ability to lay an egg though, that Bills matchup was good on paper and they didn’t perform at all. Bears always do this year and in week 2 vs GB they had 4 sacks, two turnovers and a score on D so not a bad effort at all.

@dakline9570 i think Adams will be the same, elite WR1 no matter what. Jones will be very interesting, hopefully they don’t mess around and give him the vast majority of RB touches and don’t involve Williams other than to give Jones a breather. That’s my hope and given he is miles ahead of Williams that should be the outcome.

I really hope we don’t get any of this ‘lets get a look at Jamal in a bigger role BS again’ - highly unlikely and should mean more touches for Jones and more of the same for Adams

Yeah, wasn’t worried about Adams so much. Glad to hear that others are thinking the same thing.

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God Dammit I didn’t even think of maybe someone else using the Bears against me in week 16!!
Lol, very good spot. Maybe I’ll just hold the Bears, or drop someone else for the Jags.
Thanks dude

I won’t lie I am hesitant about playing my bears in week 15… I just don’t like dropping them and allowing someone else to play them in week 16 lol

I was considering picking up either the Redskins, Titans, or Jaguars for Week 15 as they are the best available, but I’m not convinced any of those 3 will be better than the bears… is the general consensus leaning Jaguars?

Another option i have available is the seahawks against SF in week 15… road game though (Seahawks just got 16 points against SF but at home)