Week 15 playoffs

hey guys…so i’m thinking about my lineup for week 15 now, after amari cooper has been a stud in the past few weeks should i think about flexing or starting him?

my WR: Davante Adams and MT
my RB: Jones, Gurley, Conner (if he plays), Chubb

does cooper warrant a flex spot over chubb or Jones, or should i consider playing him over one of my WR?

Thank you for your post buddy. DEF watching this one. I’ve got Dav Adams, Jones, Gurley and Chubb as well. (AND ALL as MY INTENDED STARTERS)

I’ve also got Lockett…which I didn’t start tonight…but…going forward, THAT will most definitely be something I need feedback on.

So very interested in what the CLAN has to say here!!! :thinking:

i’m so conflicted, the thought of benching one of these stud players is crazy but i’ve just had cooper on the bench because of that and now twice he’s produced insane stat lines…its a good position to be in, with all these guys so not complaining but…need some external advice! any input would be greatly appreciated!

I can more than feel your pain there my friend, but not as much, since I did the same thing way back in the season. (I can’t remember…may have been back in like week 4 or 5…would have to check back…but…it was with Kupp……had him on my bench for two weeks in a row and he went nuts!!! LOL…even a couple of my league-mates…including my Commish couldn’t help but text me and say…“REALLY???”

LOL…it was in good fun…BUT…my point is……“been there”!!! So I know exactly how you feel. Just, unfortunately…it’s always much worse at this stage of things!!! :disappointed:

My heart goes out to you my friend!!! :sob:

As for Amari…I would almost have to say…how can you NOT start him. And yeah…I know…with Amari…you just never know…BUT…I think he’s found his niche with DAL and…again…I’m thinking…(if I had him)……after his past couple of weeks…I’d be hard pressed to NOT start him.

AND…LOL…I’m saying this even tho my second round P/O opponent has him and Coop could be the ONE to END MY SEASON next week!!! :disappointed: :sweat:

I’m hesitant to start AJ next week against the bears. That defense has been next level.

I know what you’re saying…but…one of my dilemmas as well!!! How do you not start A Jones??? I’m glad you made that comment!!! I’m undecided here as well!!! :thinking:

Normally I’d agree, but what they did to the rams, a much better offense and to todd gurley, a better RB, intimidates me.

The only one who I know who had a decent game was Blount on a short week.

I’m looking at the laundry list of RBs that the Bears D have demolished and so I think I gotta bench AJ. It includes the likes of Gurley, chris Carson, david Johnson (managed 12 pts which is decent but the numbers are ugly), shady McCoy.

James White did well but did it through the air and saquon did well but well he’s saquon and just an absolute monster.

I’m benching Rogers and Jones. That game is in Chicago and the chance of a flop is too great for me.

I agree, I’m benching Jones as well now @Rbins40 makes a good point especially with the depth in the position I’m not going to risk it. But now James Conner is questionable, so if he plays it’s him > cooper? Or just roll out cooper regardless?