Week 15 Start/Sits...Aaron Jones?

Full PPR, pick 2 for week 15:

Aaron Jones @ CHI
Matt Breida vs SEA
Doug Martin @ CIN
Jarvis Landry @ DEN

One would be my RB2 the other would be Flex.

Also DST…Bears or Vikings?

Feel free to chime in with other start/sit dilemmas too!

Thanks FootClan!

Breida still up in the air and it might be Wilson

id play

Jarvis and Jones

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I would play JOnes and Landy.

Jones is a stud and yeah going against the bears but hes a good runner.
Im debating Jones or Jaylen Samuels. But if Conner comes back ill go with conner.

But Aaron Jones is my top choice for a flex if you got him.

Landry he has been connecting more with Baker these past few weeks. with more looks and catches.

Watching what the Bears D did to the Rams just makes me nervous for Jones…


i hear ya. you can sit em if your worried. He has 6 TD’s in the last 5 weeks.

He could be bottled up. but it just takes 1 drive for him to eat.

Doug should fall into the end zone in Cin if you wana swap him in.

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I’m tilting hard on Aaron Jones…but I think I would rather lose with him in my line up than lose with him on my bench with 20 points or something…and get Crampus’d by Martin!
Then again Martin will likely have 15 touches against an awful Bengals D…probability of a 1 yard TD run…50-60%??
The tilt is real!

they can be run on. just depends on play calling.

Barkley put up 24 for 125 yards 2 weeks ago

LeGarrette Blount put up 19 for 88 and 2 TD’s

I’m in a very similar situation, actually. I am actually benching Mike Evans, that’s right, for Jarvis Landry. I also have Jones and will be playing him. I also have Samuels that I could flex, but am worried how much Ridley could get involved and cut into his production.

CHI has been nasty, but can be exploited. Hopefully Rodgers gets the ball off soon since he will be likely be pressured a lot. I’m also starting Adams in that game so GB better not screw me. Tough to sat as a Vikings fan.