Week 15... Tevin Coleman or Jordan Howard?

Last flex spot. 1/2PPR. Not sexy names, I know…

12 team league that plays more like a 16 team league. We have an extra flex spot and 2 extra bench spots… that’s 36 players usually on the wire that are rostered in my league. As an example, the recent footclan’s week 15 waiver list… every W/R is already rostered except Zach Zenner.


Tevin at home vs ATL
Jordan at home vs GB

Cheers and TIA

That sounds like a really tough but really interesting league. I was a defender of Jordan Howard all year…up until I traded him. Packaged him to get TY and it was worth it, that being said I really like Howard at home vs GB, especially after last weeks performance against the Rams.

The Cardinals are a great matchup, but Tevin has been difficult to depend on. Howard hasn’t been easy to depend on either, but I would play him after what he did last week. And the week before too he wasn’t bad either. Good luck!

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Went back to look at touches the past two weeks:
Howard was 17, 20 weeks 13,14
Tevin was 9, 11

Im looking to get 8+ prs from this flex spot… so let me adjust my question. Which guy is more likely to score 8pts?

Still Howard for sure. More likely to score, running better recently, getting more work. I feel confident in him this week over Coleman.

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I lean Howard also.

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