Week 15: What. The. Faq

This week of football was unbelievable, especially in fantasy. How screwed over were you? Any #1 and #2 seeds knocked out in the first round?

Some fun facts for us:

  • Our league’s #1 and #2 (somehow) made it to the champs, but it was unbelievably close. The #1 won by 6.32 points, the #2 won by the week’s largest margin of victory at 6.88 points. Needless to say, they were both sweatin’ bullets during the Saints/Panthers game.

  • I had our league’s closest matchup, where I won by 0.42 points. Will Lutz vs Kamara. This is now the second time I’ve won against Kamara in a situation where he shoulda destroyed me.

  • Even better, the league’s last place won his matchup and got this week’s most points at 122.28. His competition tallied 120.82, but nobody else cracked the 100 mark.

Just a little bit of pain here. Was a 2 seed (11-3) in my 12 team yahoo league and scored the lowest points of the season in week 15 (96.85) and of course on my bye week with pretty much the same lineup I scored 177.10. My week 15 team was actually better on paper

Week 15 lineup = Loss and 96.85 points. QB-P. Rivers, WR-A.Thielen, WR-A. Cooper, RB-S. Barkley, RB-P. Lindsay, TE-J. Samuels, W/R/T - J. Edelman, K-H.Butker, D-LA Rams

Week 14 = Bye and 177.10. Didn’t really manage my lineup since I was on a bye.QB-P. Rivers, WR-A.Thielen, WR-A. Cooper, RB-S. Barkley, RB-P. Lindsay, TE-A. Hooper, W/R/T - J. Samuels, K-H.Butker, D-LA Rams

My only hope now = 3rd Place UGH!!

Our’s were fairly all over the place as well. I am the #1 seed and will be playing against the #2 guy in our league for the championship. This week threw such a crazy wrench into whatever plans everyone had. Seriously thought I was going to lose after Mahomes/Kelce underperformed, and then saw Lamar Miller go down immediately (I had Aaron Jones on my bench so caught a lucky break there I guess).

Lucky break indeed. The #1 seed for us played Mahomes, Keenan Allen, and Theilen. Fortunately for her, despite her matchup having Hopkins, he also had DJ Moore, Miller, Drake, AND Ebron. Ouch.

Yes nice break. I was playing against Mahomes and Miller so I was looking good until Sunday happened, LOL. I still had hope until Gurley did Gurley things and my Rams D crapped the bed. Lost by 19 points.

Last week and this week were crazy in my league! I got knocked out as the 2nd seed in the first round last week to the 7th seed because I had my worst week of the year. This week, I scored the most points in the league (but I’m out regardless). It’s a love/hate relationship with Fantasy Football this year haha.