Week 15 - which DST:

which DST for week 15: Car -vs- GB / NO -vs- NYJ / Rams @ Sea?

Carolina hands down

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it’s funny how sometimes when you type up a question and you have no idea, then someone answers and it’s like, “wow, duh that makes sense…why did i even post that question.?.”

ok another question for ya then, week 16 DST: Chargers @ NYJ / NE -vs- Buf?

Haha don’t worry I have lots of questions like that :joy: That second one is a little more difficult, but currently I would say chargers, because cmon it’s the jets :joy:

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thanx man i appreciate it. i am leaning NE only because, as a Bills fan, i am used to them imploding come end of season, and the Pats doing the exact opposite. so tough to choose between these 2…


Haha I agree, the pats have been looking a lot better, and the bills are certainly not looking good right now but you’ll feel more comfortable the closer we get. Good luck :+1:

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Carolina for first one and NE for second

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well let me speak plainly then, right now on a 4-man bench i have 2 DST’s (not ideal for a small bench) — the Pats who i picked up today and the Chargers who i picked up to play against Peterson last week. so i got a week 14 Bye and don’t need to win week 13. right now i was gonna play NE week 13, but don’t need to. should i drop Chargers or the Pats DST to pick up Carolina for week 15?

i hope that makes sense :smiley: thanks in advance!