Week 16 Championship. Kittle or Samuels at TE?

Kittle or Samuels at TE? Championship weekend. I have Mahommes, Juju, Micheal Thomas, CMC, Kamara, Dalvin(flex), Crosby, and Tennesee. Might be over thinking it but just wanna see what what foot clan thinks!

Same situation for me SAMUELS never left my TE spot. The first week I put him in there kittle had like 40pts on my bench but I’ve kept him in there. A RBs floor is always going to be so much higher than a TEs. And plus 4 RBs in the Chip when my opponent only has 3 o ya SAMUELS is starting.

I think I would go with Kittle over Samuels this week.
Saints are really good against the run…what if the run game is completely shut out?
Kittle is the go to guy over there and rarely has anyone slowed him down this year.

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What about that Bears D though? You dont think they (Mack) will be in Mullens face all day? Plus going up against pro bowl Safety in Jackson?

RB floor wont be better with Jaylen virtually getting most the snap on average?

Mind you this is not a bad Issue to have. Thanks again guys

It’s a great issue to have! My style is RBs over everything! So I love having one more possible RB than my opponent

My opponent streams TEs and Ds

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Yeah, I go RB heavy too and agree. Especially pass catchers like Samuels. This unfortunately isn’t a PPR league so I think that gives Samuels the nod.

A great issue to have. I’m over here with Brate and now debating picking up McDonald or Burton.

Anyway, I suppose I’m thinking about the quick pass short pass since he will have that D going after him and trying to rattle him(Mullens). Kittle is awesome after the catch so I would leave it up to him. Plus would you feel good having Kittle on your bench?

Samuels is a great option and you’re probably right that the floor is better. I think my issue is that the Orleans defense is extremely underrated. I know CMC just put up 18 on them- but he’s a RB on another level in comparison to Samuels.

I think you’ll be safe either way. I would just go pro-bowler.

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That’s the worst part of all this is when kittle goes the F off and hes sitting there on my bench…It sucked. Lol. But SAMUELS hasn’t let me down yet

Hey man, looks like you know your decision! Go with it.
Good luck, but not too much- I’m playing against Samuels.

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Lol :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: