Week 16 QB

I’m unironically thinking of streaming Josh Allen over Pat Mahomes because I’m stupid.

Josh Allen plays the Pats whereas Mahomes plays Seattle.

Also Baker plays the Bengals whom he torched last time (when I had him as my bye-week QB) and that’s on my mind too.

Don’t over think it, play Mahomes…

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Definitely roll out Mahomes!!

Is Josh Allen a good play next week against the Pats? I ran with Jackson yesterday and either way I would have had decent points from them. But Jackson is playing the Chargers and I have Keenan and Gordon (Too many possibly playing in 1 game) So i’m leaning Allen next week for a chance at back to back titles - Yikes! lol I won it with Old St. Nick (Foles) last year so Allen can do the same haha