Week 16 Safest Floor for RB?

I am looking to bench Jamaal Williams as the return of Rodgers seems to be negatively impacting him. Rodgers throws more and did not target him in the pass game last week. Going against the #1 run defense with Minnesota this week I think he will be a bust…

With that said… who do you think will have the safest floor in week 16?

Lamar Miller home against Pitt
Jonathan Stewart home against Tampa Bay
Kerwynn Williams at home against Giants
Frank Gore away against Baltimore

This is a full PPR league so take in account receptions for these backs as well.

I would lean towards Miller. K Williams has a pretty juicy matchup; but he’s no guarantee to play after getting hurt in the second half.

I’m in the same boat with Jamaal. My other back are Morris who is now irrelevant and Mixon with a head injury. So here’s hoping that Mixon plays.

I would lean J Stew as TB is just flat bad and you can run on them.

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Thanks for the replies thus far. Keep your thoughts coming!

Any more thoughts?