Week 17 Championship / A Question of Ethics

So this is a bit of a loaded question… let me give you the backstory first.

  1. My league has a Waiver Acquisition Limit (meaning you can only pick up people from waivers a certain amount, in this league it was 30)

  2. I’m in a two week championship, 16 & 17.

  3. I hit my limit early in this season. I had my line-up and bench set so it was fine.

  4. Zuerlein got hurt. I asked my competitor if he was cool with me getting a Kicker, he said yes, so the commissioner raised the limit by 5.

  5. I picked up my kicker. Week 16 goes by. My opponent and I are tied.

  6. My starting QBs (Smith, Goff) are going to rest.

  7. I’m tempted to pick-up a QB, but I don’t want my championship, were I to win, to be contended. Far as the legitimacy goes.

What’s your guys opinion on the situation? Please weigh in.

Personally? The rule is stupid. It’s the only league I know of that sets a freaking limit, and he already changed it.

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There is Definitely a lot of things there

  1. As im sure your aware If I was you I would lobby to remove the Waiver limits next time around, they are limiting and not in a good fun kind of way. And also the week 17 championship is just stupid.

  2. If there was a league vote to increase the waiver limit where basically everyone said yes then I would say don’t feel guilty for adding another QB. I have commissioned myself in the past and for me I was ok with changing something during the season if literally its what everyone wanted, if one person disagreed though i would push it back into the off season.

  3. As for your concern about contention, if the Commish on their own said sure without a vote then I think there is already enough reason for beef in the sense that the integrity of the rules/league has already been messed with during the season.

In the end, again I would mainly say lobby for rule changes in the future, as for right now play within the set rules, so if your able to pick up another QB then so be it, the others can also but in the end I think your opponent/anyone already has legit beef because of the mid season rule changes if it wasn’t a unanimous vote. You can’t just not play a QB, so again do what you can at this point to win, they to can make moves but for the future I would say the rules need to be followed however stupid they may be, if all that makes sense. Im sure its not fully what you wanted to hear but unfortunately it is what it is

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That’s the thing though. The rule change was made with my opponent in mind. I talked to my competitor who I’m playing in the championship. He said he was okay with me getting a kicker. But the commissioner raised the limit by 5…

So technically I could make 4 more acquisitions.

It’s such a thing cause it’s a stupid rule. But they should be followed. I said originally that I just wanted a kicker. But it’s Week 17 and my guys are sitting so…

Also, side-note: this scenario and the limit was a problem in the past. Essentially I had a great team two years ago, but two of my starters, my QB and TE, got hurt in the playoffs and I had no backups for them.

Lo and behold, guess who I played in the playoffs that year? The guy who commissions the league. I almost beat him too, without two of my starters. But he ended up lucking himself into the championship that year. His team was horrible. He barely made it to the playoffs too. Ugh.

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Yeah thats how it plays out sometimes, Why I always say to my Dynasty League Mates Just make it, anything can happen from there.

I mean, Firstly this years situation is this years and you can’t take anything from previous years into account. I will say since you had asked and your opponent said they are fine with you adding a kicker then I myself would say ok fair enough you let him decide he said sure so no issue there for me really. But I would still say if you wanted to add more then that you should/have to ask again. I don’t know if you have to increase the waiver limits by 5 each time, or if he could have added it by only 1 however if i was your opponent and said sure you can add a kicker I would be annoyed if all of a sudden you added a QB to because the Commish increased the adds to a number unto which you could add more then just a kicker, Especially if thats the reason i somehow lost.

So to conclude I would say you have to ask if you can add a QB and respect what your opponent says to maintain integrity, sure winning is fun but if you win when it wasn’t fair or you abused the system it just wouldn’t feel like a proper victory in the long run. If they are on the fence you could say you would let them choose your starting QB so long as the QB is an actual starter. If they feel they want to face and beat you while both of you are at full strength then that way they at least can try and mitigate your pts from that position although if it was me personally I would say no as the rules are X waivers and be happy I said ok to an add past that.

So to conclude conclude the real answer is ask, and respect what they decide in my opinion


You’re right. I asked him and I’m waiting for a reply.

I don’t know. My thing is, even the limit wasn’t there, this wouldn’t even be a problem. I understand following the rules but man, it’s such a dumb rule!!

Definitely going to vote against it next year.

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Yeah no I agree it is a pretty silly rule. I think Jason Moore a While back made an argument against limiting waivers and if I recall Correctly he noted that half the fun is playing the wire, trying to get new players and frankly football is such an aggressive sport injuries happen. Maybe compile various reasons against the waiver rule and see if it can get any momentum!

Keep me posted on what your opponent says, hopefully in the end your able to come away with the #FootClanTitle one way or the other

I have a few basic rules thoughts here.

  1. Next year when you talk rule changes get rid of week 17 playoffs. Then you don’t run into having players sit that week.

  2. If you guys want to limit waivers go to a FAAB system. I am in a league that does 2 FAAB periods. Regular season and then another small amount for teams that make the playoffs. That way if you make it to the playoffs with 0 FAAB you can still make roster changes.

  3. Get rid of kickers !! If your site allows it my teams have rolled kickers into the defense scoring and it has been a huge success.