Week 17 Finals Thread

Unfortunately my league is letting us battle it out week 17. I think it’s a bit more risky this way but I feel like the victory means a lot more. What are your thoughts on this foot clan?

We are the same. I don’t like it but our Commish I think likes playing an extra week.

Makes it hard as I am in but have a bunch of players probably sitting .

We manage a work league that is meant to promote “camaraderie” - no money, just fun.

I became the co-commish this year, in the third year of the league, and I’ve talked to my counterpart about this; he wants to play as long as we can. I think that playing the extra week shows whether or not the GMs are really good, or just lucky.

I’m getting ready to face a “super team” who hasn’t had any significant challenges or injuries. I lost my first RB pick in the pre-season. I’m not sure that she knows what to do in the face of adversity, but I know I do! Vive la Week 17!

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Playing week 17 is pretty silly but that’s my opinion. Don’t think it proves anything about being a good GM. Because players can go out and play for 1 quarter or 4 quarters. So you’re trying to guess when the back ups come in. Or who sits who. I think that actually defeats the purpose of fantasy. basically if you luck out and have players on teams who are fighting for a final playoff spot, you have a huge advantage. Vs people who drafted studs on great teams who are punished unfairly.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’re playing week 17 fantasy, you might as well be playing pre-season fantasy. It’s no different.

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Totally agree but need to play who has something to play for I guess which a lot of mine do not

Waivers are thin but guys like Rod Smith , CJ Anderson and Brian Hill are available.

Anyone else playing week 17 :slight_smile:

Need a WR2 as M.Thomas probably won’t play and R.Anderson will be my WR1. Have Hamilton and looking at the wire with guys like Crowder, Jordyn, Sanu, Reynolds etc.

Any thoughts.

I would be confident in starting hamilton, hes going to receive a lot of attention from keenum. Especially against the chargers

There are tons of great opinions on why not to have championship weekend on week 17 but for those that do we would like the community to give us their best on what you would do if in our situation. I’m hoping that the podcast today gives us this instead of the negatives of why to not have a week 17 super Bowl. The opinion is heard but there are real owners fighting it out this week and need all the help we can get

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I would play Reynolds or Crowder if u r thinking of either of the two

I see ur point… I am in a league that I have been in for the last several years… currently in the championship game for a 3rd straight year… we were put in Week 17 for the first time since I have been in this league and I think the commish did this just to see if I was good at this or just lucky… so we shall see what happens by this time next week…

week 17 finals are THE WORST. injuries, and playoff locks take you best players out of the picture. Even week 16 this year was rough… i won our league with damian williams (week 14 add) and jamal williams (week 15 add). Sat fournette because i wasnt sure what jags were going to do with him. Week 17 youll see any eliminated stars sitting especially after lindsays injury. no need to risk the future when youve got nothing on the line. Makes all the work you did all year kind of worthless if half your team is week 16/17 players.

In week 17, play the young developing guys like hamilton, reynolds, etc. They are more likely to see action as coaches will want to see what they have. And then obviously if you have players still triyng to contend or on the cusp (i.e. colts), then play them.

Ya it makes it tough.

I have guys like Conner and Ware who might play but how healthy. D.Cook who has a tough match up. I have Chubb and C.J Anderson and Elijah.

M.Thomas probably won’t play.

He has Barkley ,Henry, Gus, J.Williams, Cooks. Alot of guys who have something to play for.

Will have to wait and see who plays and go from there.

unless i’m mistaken, cooks has nothing to play for. NO locked up top seed so even if rams win, it doesn’t matter. They’ve locked up their division and a bye already. I’d be shocked if goff plays for more than a quarter. Same with Cooks.

Anderson, Elijah, Chubb should all play.

Williams is hurt and packers have nothing to play for so we’ll see if they risk putting him in there. Same with Barkley/Eli.

I think it’s doubtful steelers risk reinjury of conner as well.

I have Mack, Damien Williams, Jamal Williams, Spencer ware, and CJ Anderson. Which ones would you start?

If Rams win they get a Bye

If Gurley is out I am like you and would play Anderson. Have to see who else is playing/sitting.

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Going to pick up 2 of these below.Which ones?


I would pick reynolds and nelson no particular order i feel like theyre pretty even at this point. One is the WR1 for his team and the other is the WR2/3 with a solid offense

Thanjs grabbed Nelson

Still thinking on who else to grab.

Trying to figure out who to play for week 17. It’s a 2 week championship and I’m already up by 40 points, but really want the win (got 2nd place last year).

RBs are Kamara, McCaffrey, Gordon, Samuels (if Conner is out which isn’t likely) and Jeff Wilson Jr.

I’d obviously want to play Kamara, McCaffrey, and Gordon but am worried about Kamara and McCaffreys playing time this week.

Would it be better to not take the chance and play Gordon and Jeff Wilson Jr and fill my flex with another reciever? (Have Sutton, Reynolds, Jeffrey, and Davis).

I hate week 17.

Thanks, Footclan!