WEEK 2, Against the Rankings: Marlon Mack > Chris Carson

How many times have we ignored ourselves!? How many “I knew it’s” have we all had? How many times did our guts either make or break our matchups week over week?
For most, I’m almost positive that the consensus is, for one, it was break, and two, “I didn’t follow my gut, and I got burnt” was the conclusory internal dialogue of self-conflicting misery that slowly ate away our chances, and more importantly, our confidence in relying on our own experiences to make decisions against public opinion (Vegas/Ranking sites).

That run on sentence aside, I’m here to offer a personal “gut” call that has me conflicted in two of my four season long 2019 leagues and my DFS (GPP) thinking going into week 2 of the NFL season.

Marlon Mack will outscore Chris Carson in Week 2 by around 10+ Fantasy Points (All platforms).

This is about gut calls and recency biased mostly. I’m a Seahawks fan and I’m feeling a bit shook going into Pittsburg in Week 2. Also, IND will rely heavy on the run regardless of the score as we saw in Week 1. Plus some historical Home/Away stats between PIT/SEA and a glance at the 12/30/18 game IND played @ TEN. That’s about the extent of my analysis :slight_smile:

So yeah, please be reminded that this is somewhat of a humorous post, but with real confusion, self doubt, potential sneaky upside and plenty of regrets while not being this stupid.

Please feel free to lend any and all input, insight, stories and sadness! Perhaps this can be a week to week post with others obscure and FthePublic consensus in certain positional comparisons going forward!