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Week 2 Defense to target? - bye bye saints


My week 1 is almost wrapped up and thanks to the saints D i’m probably losing in one league and limped to victory in another. Since the saints proved their frauds I’ll need to target a Defense next week. Does anyone have an insight on good ones to target.

I’m thinking I could go for Bears, Lions, and Giants pretty easily, but i’m not sure if anyone else emerged that I should note.


I’m in a similar situation, all those seem to be rostered in my league - some guys took two and i suspect a lot will be dropped now once the waivers clear. Failing that i’m looking at possibly the Titans against the miss firing Texans and their shocking O-line or possibly the Redskins vs the Colts, this one is a bit more risky as Luck can put up points but the Skins have a decent front seven and the Colts again have a bad O-line and Both Luck and Watson could give up a pick or two if forced to throw a lot which is certainly likely for Luck


Yeah, i’m definitely trying to target an 8-12 pt defense per week, if there’s one on waivers. Usually in my leagues there’s 1-2 solid defenses on waivers after week 1 because pre season rankings get a few teams majorly wrong (like the saints). I’m just trying to get a list of 4 so i can get 2 different defenses in my leagues that had the saints. I’d rather spread my luck and risk not winning both leagues for at least 1 turning out okay.


Yeah i’m the same and the Saints did this last year to be fair and D’s can get better as the season goes on so i’m not too worried. The other one i thought was maybe the Dolphns, they get the Jets and depending how they look tonight that could be pretty good. Anything with a rookie QB and fairly talent depleted roster is always worth a look


I think the Bears are a start most weeks so I would lean them personally


Bears, Bears, Bears. They just got one of the best defensive players in the league, and Roquan Smith is going to have a great year, there front 7 is also top 5 in the league. They should be a top 5 D in fantasy this year for sure.