Week 2 Pick-ups

I am in a 10 team 3 x keeper league, half point ppr. I have lev bell, and leonard fournette. With Fournette having another leg injury, and lev bell not playing, I need another starter. I can ride Marshawn Lynch for a starter, but I need a solid second.

Would you rather trade for Conner, or pick-up Ekeler, Philip Lindsay, or TJ Yeldon?

My inclination is to lean Lindsay as the lightning to Royce Freeman’s Thunder and Keenum having experience with that last season with McKinnon and Murray.

I’d definitely try and grab Yeldon as Fournette’s handcup, since his status is still up in the air. But I also am big on Ekeler’s ability, if you have the space to grab them both.

Also don’t know what the rest of your team is like or who you can give up, but if you’re able to trade for Conner then even better.

I agree with tlp - I’ve got a bid on Yeldon and Ekeler, though I feel the price on Conner is going to be way too high this week.

Team Is as follows right now:
QB Rivers
RBs: Bell, Fournette, Lynch, Tevin Coleman, Tarik Cohen, Powell
WRs: Jones, Tate, Kupp, Goodwin, Doctson, Gallup
TE: Rudolph D/ST: Chargers K: Prater

Coleman is going to have value if Freeman is on a carry count due to injury so he may be my replacement starter. I think I’d rather drop Cohen, Doctson, or Powell, and grab Ekeler or Lindsay instead of Yeldon just because Yeldon is purely dependent on Fournette’s status, versus someone like Ekeler who clearly can have value in the same line-up with Gordon. Same with Lindsay.