Week 2 start/sit advice WR & RB

Standard league,

For WRs I’m starting Julio and Alshon. Trying to decide between Sammy Watkins, Golden Tate, or Maclin

I’m starting Freeman as my RB1 and deciding between Abdullah, J-Stew, or Tarik Cohen.

I’m stumped here Footclan! Any help is greatly appreciated!

I say Stewart RB2, just like his matchup better against BUF at home.

I would lean Golden Tate, has a good history with Stafford, they are at least more familiar with each other. But those 3 WR’s seem pretty close to me, tough call.

I like Tate as is, but especially with his generous matchup.

I would lean towards stewart but keep an eye on howard. If he’s limited, Cohen is a damn spark plug and he increases in value at that point