Week 3 flex help please!

I’m in a 2 flex standard league and currently have Robert woods and Frank gore in my flex positions. I have John Ross and Nelson agholor on my bench and am tempted to work one or both of them into the lineup, but not sure if I can justify it at this point. Thoughts?

Hard to say! Any of those players can have monster games, but Woods is probably your best candidate for consistent points. In a Flex player, I’m happy if they just get me their projected numbers, anything over projected is just bonus, i leave it to my #1s to get me monster digits :sunglasses:

I think you have the right flex players. But if you need upside I would change Agholor or Ross in the place of Gore. Woods and Gore are just extremely safe.

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Thanks for the help guys! Truth be told I’d be more likely to replace woods than gore at this point. Gore is all but guaranteed a heavy workload against a def that’s been gutted on the ground, and I’m a little worried that Cleveland’s pass rush could be hurrying Goff and cut into woods’s performance.