Week 3 Streaming Defense (Standard League)

First post as part of the Foot Clan!

Miami, Jags, and Bucs are all on the waiver and I’m struggling with which to pick up for this week. I’ve trusted the “Anything against the Jets” advice and it worked out OK with using the Raiders last week, but I’m not sure about Miami after watching them this past week. Charges obviously have a way better team than the Jets, but I’m still not sold. Can anyone talk me out of the Jags and into Bucs or Miami?


I stream DEFs, and every time I pick up Miami…I get burned. Not sure about the other two this week.

If you still have the Raiders, I’d probably drop them for Miami and cross my fingers…

Thanks for the advice. That’s kind of where I’m at right now, sitting on Miami and hoping. If Bradford is out for week 3, then I may jump back to the Bucs. However, I mentioned the Jags since they have a great pass defense and Ravens don’t have too much in the way of a powerful offense.

Miami is just hard to stomach as a D to start this week.

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Little bit of an update:

Bucs have been picked up, but Jags, GB, and Miami are still out there. the Ballers rankings are up and they have GB just ahead of Miami.

With the Bengals new coordinator, is GB still a better option than Miami? Would hate to be burned by the “Red Rifle,” which would be my luck.