Week 3 TE - Burton vs. Ebron

Trey Booboo plays Arizona this week, which seems like a good matchup. However, I think this game is going to be a strong run game for the Bears. Arizona has no offensive line essentially, the Bears D should walk all over them. I don’t see Trubisky throwing much. I have Jordan Howard for this matchup which I am very pumped for.

Eric Ebron is getting red zone looks in consecutive weeks. Luck has no exceptional receiver to throw to outside of Hilton. I see no reason why this would stop. Especially against Philly with Wentz back. Philly has been giving up points too. Ebron’s floor is at the least better than Burton’s floor from week 1.

What do you think?

I’d go with Ebron, he’s starting to look somewhat like the top 10 pick the Lions used on him. Also, Trubisky doesn’t look to great so far. Think you’re probably chasing touchdowns here and I think Ebron is the more likely of the two to grab one.
Good luck brotha!

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