Week 3 Waivers in Week 2

So who can you get for free this week that people will be scrambling to throw FAAB at next week?

Larry Rountree III

Got 8 carries to Ekeler’s 15 and averaged 0.4 yards less, with a long of 13 to Ekeler’s long of 14.

No other non-QB got more than 1 carry.

He’s the #2, for when Ekeler’s hammy rolls a whammy.


Thanks! I’m going to grab Rountree in a couple spots. Thoughts on Carlos Hyde? He’s available and added a couple catches to his 9 carries. Will he keep that large of a split mving forward? Will he have passing work? This seems like a team that could be trailing a lot of games.

Hyde doesn’t have a lot of standalone value in most normal leagues unless you’re betting on Robinson going down. I mean, even if he keeps up his Week 1 pace, we’re still talking about the RB40 here.

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How do you guys feel about cordarrelle Patterson? Should I hold him or drop for rountree?

Cordarrelle Patterson has been around a long time. Is this your first year playing fantasy football?

No but first time I heard of him

Ok, well, coupling that with the fact that he’s been around a long time should answer your initial question.

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Made the move and picked up rountree…feel good about it. Thanks

Would you consider JonesJr more valuable than roundtree?