Week 3 - Who should I start?

I have AJ Brown and Chark as my 2 starting WR.

I have Slayton, Jeudy and Pittman on my bench. I can play 1 for my flex, who should I play?


My guess is AJ Brown will be out. You will probably have to play 2 of them. I would go Slayton and Pittman.

Slayton May be a good start with Shepard and Saquon both being out.? Giants Oline might be the deciding factor but unless Brown is starting I might lean this way?

Thank you. I might have to play both of them as Chark missed practice due to chest/back and not sure on Brown yet.

I think I have to play Slayton no matter what now. Brown and Chark missed practice today. Brown plays Sunday and might get clearance but Chark plays tomorrow so not looking good.