Week 4 Roster Advice

Currently my RBs are Gordon, Cook, Mixon, Kerryon, Coleman and Murray. So i have a dilemma, if Cook’s out do i play Murray? Do i leave them both out regardless as it’s the Rams? Doing that though if Freeman plays Coleman’s opportunity will be way down? Can start up to 3 RBs, standard scoring what’s the view here?

For reference my WRs are Green, Baldwin, Mike Williams, Davis with Gronk at TE. Any roster advice appreciated, i’m up against the highest scoring team in the league this week…

As of now it appears very unlikely that Freeman plays this week. You’re obviously playing Gordon and I think Coleman will be a must start as well. At WR I’d definitely start Green (assuming he’s a full go after his injury last week) and I think Mike Williams will be a great play this week. That would just leave a decision about who to play in your flex.

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Yeah that’s how i currently have it set up, flex wise if we assume Cook plays who would you start out of Cook/Kerryon/Davis?

If Cook is out Kerryon vs Davis is close both have a lot of risk for different reasons, i feel like the upside is higher with Davis because i can see him having a higher chance at scoring but it’s a tough one.

I think if Cook plays tonight you should flex him even though the matchup isn’t great. If he’s out, I would probably play Corey Davis. Neither he or Kerryon have a great matchup either but I do think the upside is higher with Davis

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Thanks man appreciate the advice!

If you do decide to play Cook tonight, I would put him in your RB spot instead of flex. A lot of times it won’t matter anyway but when you’re playing someone on a Thursday night I think it’s a good idea to leave your flex spot open in case something happens between then & Sunday. Leaves you with more options that way

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Oh yeah don’t worry flex probably wasn’t the right choice of wording here but yes he’d go into the RB slot of course

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Gordon and Coleman are your two RB starts, and it was announced that Rishard Matthews and the Titans are parting ways, leaving Corey Davis as the undisputed top dog in that offense. With Mariota looking his way a lot, we’re going to see a healthy dose of Davis I think.

Agreed just read that myself, i feel like we’ve waiting long enough now lets just have the Corey breakout surely its time haha?! Things could not be going more his way outside of average QB play, but 33% target share, it’s now or never…

He’s targeted far more often too when Mariota is playing… too bad Mariota has been dinged up so frequently that we haven’t seen a healthy duo but maybe 2 or 3 games (and Davis went off in two of them).

Philly gave up 97 points to WR’s in weeks 1 and 2 and Indy managed 27 despite only having one throw over 20 yards or something like that last week.

I could see Davis having 6 for 90 and a TD or better…

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Wanted to circle back to this from this morning since we have updated information. Cook expected to be active but will be on a “pitch count.” I think I might avoid Cook in this situation and flex Davis

Agreed a pitch count coupled with playing the Rams isn’t a good mix at all for Cook this week