Week 4 TE/FLEX Help Please

At TE: Hurst or Tonyan, or I can still pick up Graham

At FLEX: Marvin Jones, Beasley, Kelley or whichever TE is not used above

Full PPR. Thanks loads in advance.

Hurst at TE. That’s going to be a shootout. The volume will be abundant.

I don’t like any of those options for TE but I think the best, now that Golladay is back, is Jones. He’ll have less attention on him from the defense.

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Thanks, I hear ya, I’m not crazy about them either – this would’ve been Mostert’s spot but it seems he’ll be out another week, plus I’m also down Goedert and Lazard. Beasley is the best I could get off the wire. I got Tonyan on purpose because of the matchup with ATL.