Week 4 WRs

I need to start 3 of these 5 in a 0.5 PPR league:

Marvin Jones (@Cowboys), Amari Cooper (home vs Browns), Mike Williams (home vs 49ers), Keelan Cole (home vs Jets), and Antonio Callaway (@ Raiders)

Going by the Ballers’ rankings, it’s Jones, Cooper, and Cole.

But am I really benching Mike Williams? I don’t feel good about that all. He’s been killing it, and Cooper has been killing my team, which is the #3 highest scoring team in the league and I’m 0-3. Lost the last 2 match ups by a combined 2.4 points, including a loss by 0.3 in week 2 . . .

I can’t afford to screw this up. What should I do??

I’d play Jones for sure (even though it’s not a great matchup against Dallas… they’re top 5 against the pass, but it may be more of a function of the teams they’ve faced.)

And I’d probably go with Williams and Cole over Cooper, but I’m tempted to say Callaway… that Oakland defense has been POUROUS and with Mayfield starting, there’s a chance he and Callaway connect on a few deep routes (he threw the ball really well down field last week and connected with Callaway a few times in pre season for long gains and that big TD).

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Haha . . . exactly, I can basically talk myself into all of the guys who are ranked lower. That’s why this is so hard.

If you want the greatest floor I would start Jones, Williams and Cole. As for Cooper and Callaway, they are players that could be hot and blow-up, but I’d rather see it happen before they start for me. Go with the safe points. And do yourself a favor and trade away Amari Cooper, it’ll be a roller-coaster all year. I just traded him with another WO to get TY Hilton.


Oh for sure I’m making some offers with Cooper in them. But I feel like I have to wait until he has another good game.

Cole scares me a little bit because of how mercurial that offense has been already. He’s the most talented receiver of the bunch in Jacksonville ( I have him on several rosters ) but Mayfield starting makes me consider Callaway ( I’m starting Callaway and sitting Diggs if you want some context as to how I feel about his talent and opportunity this week ).

Wow that’s a bold call. I hope it works out for you. I totally agree Callaway could blow up. The only thing making me hesitate is that bad drop he had last week.

I want to start him too, but I just don’t know who to bench for him.

We all seem to be in agreement that Cooper needs to be benched, but all the experts have him ranked the highest of all 5 of these guys . . . so that’s frustrating.

I think I’m definitely starting Jones and Williams. The 3rd guy is where I’m struggling. I’m leaning Cole because it does seem like he has a pretty decent floor for targets, and going by his last 10 or so games with no Marqise Lee going back to last season, he’s got a pretty high ceiling, too. Just gotta hope Bortles has a good game. He’s the only thing holding Cole back.

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It’s so difficult with the names mentioned because Cole could go off (he has, and likely will again soon) but I’m starting to think the Mayfield/Callaway connection is something special, and I want to get in on the ground floor if you know what I mean.

I’m starting Cole in leagues, I’m starting Callaway in leagues… I think they could both have big weeks, and I LOVE Stefon Diggs, but that Rams D is legit, and Thielen being the slot guy may see much of the work in the passing game.

EDIT: I’ve made some really great calls in the past, like starting Cole in the playoffs last year… and I’ve made some really bone headed ones… having as much information as I’ve amassed can sometimes get me in trouble lol)

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This is definitely a close call, but I appreciate the insight. I’ll be sure to give you your props if Callaway has a big game :slight_smile:

Don’t forget to let me have it if he sucks! :sunglasses: