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Week 5 Fantasy Football Trade Targets & Ammo

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/week-5-fantasy-football-trade-targets-ammo/

Trade Targets Le’Veon Bell, RB Steelers Bell’s value is at an all-time low. He’s averaging 2.9 yards per carry (ypc) and only has one touchdown through three games. Two of his three games were against incredible defenses in the Bills & Patriots. Sam Darnold, the Jets starting QB, has been out with mono for his…

Jeff, I have ekeler, Melvin Gordon owner has Lev Bell, would you move Ekeler for him?

Yes! I love this idea. Smart thinking to go after the Gordon owner.

Hi Jeff. We start 2 Qb’s and I have Goff, ARod, and Wentz. Which would you trade to upgrade elsewhere?

Honestly, I haven’t played in a 2 QB league so I probably wouldn’t give the best advice here. Sorry, good luck! Some of the other writers might have some good advice for you!

HI Jeff. I’m getting offers for Kelce. Would you move Kelce for Godwin & Penny? I’m the Carson owner. I could pick up Herndon to fill my TE spot…

Hi Jeff, I was offered Davante Adams for Leonard Fournette, do you think this is a trade I should accept? My RB’s are Kamara, Fournette, Ekeler, Gallman, and Matt Breida right now and my WR’s are Mike Evans, Juju, and DeSean Jackson. I am also aware that Adams is most likely going to be out for week 5.

I also have Travis Kelce and getting offers for him, do I trade him or keep him? I am 3-1, I won 3 games in a row, and I have the most points scored for in my league

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Hi Jeff, I appreciate the article. Curious on your Kerryon Johnson perspective. Would you trade him for Saquon Barkley? How about Josh Jacobs? In my leagues, the Lev Bell owners aren’t interested, so would be great to hear what tier of players I should target!

I think it depends on your perspective of Juju vs. Ekeler. If you think Ekeler will be better, get Davante. If you think Juju will be better, keep Fournette. I’m personally high on Fournette given his high production without TDs - I guess the same argument can be said for Davante, but higher floor.

Hi Ben. I don’t think I’d do that. Personally, I don’t want to own both Carson and Penny…I’d rather maximize my potential roster production. I do like the idea of trading Kelce for Godwin and another top-15 RB or WR if you have needs at those position. That being said, I wouldn’t be desperate to trade away Kelce.

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Do you think that I should do the trade if I am able to trade Juju for another RB to pair with Kamara

I think those are similarly valued players, but I lean RB in those scenarios. I do like Adams better than Fournette as an NFL player…but Adams future is uncertain (checkout Matthew Betz injury article) and Fournette has insane volume. You could try to play the angle of Adams’ injury scare and try to get another flex RB thrown in (if you have someone droppable). Good luck!

Do you like Fournette and Juju for Adams and Kerryon Johnson where I receive Adams and Kerryon

Kelce provides a positional advantage and has more potential to get a 30 point game than any other TE. Maybe you could flip him for Engram and another piece if you wanted to build more depth? Still, Kelce is a great player to own right now.

Then I am definitely not trading him unless it’s a great offer!

I would trade Kerryon for Saquon if you have a winning record. I’m bullish on Saquon, but admit this is a bit risky. Could you trade Kerryon for Saquon and another piece? Or maybe a 2 for 2 trade where you also upgrade your other player slightly? I think Kerryon and Jacobs are similar enough that I wouldn’t personally trade 1 for 1.

Hi Jeff. I have a doubt, I have Chubb, Ekeler and Gordon. Should I align Gordon as RB2 and Ekeler as Flex?
They also offered me Mark Andrews in exchange for Walker and Dede Westbrook? What do you think?

Thanks for taking the time Jeff!

Carson for Bell? Thanks!

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