Week 5 FLEX help!

Hello clans -

I’m torn between a few players to use for FLEX for this week. What would you all do if this was your lineup? Please HELP!!

QB: Cousins
WR: Green
WR: Tate
RB: Johnson
RB: Yeldon
TE: McDonald
FLEX: Tyreek?

BN: C. Thompson
BN: A. Jones
BN: T. Burton
BN: L. Miller
BN: T. Boyd
BN: M. Davis

I think you’ve got the right lineup in. I like Aaron Jones this week, but I’ve got Yeldon over him in one ppr league myself

Forgot to mention that this is a 0.5 PPR league

Looks good. If you want to roll the dice consider Thompson. Saints ended his season early last year and he had something to say about it:

“Honestly, I know I’m going to have that feeling,” he added. “I had that feeling back in my senior year [at Florida State] against Wake Forest when I was coming off my back injury from the previous year. I was thinking about it leading up to the game, walking out of the tunnel, everything. That whole week, I didn’t talk to anybody. My coaches, my teammates, they all thought there was something wrong with me. But I was just that focused like, ‘I’m going to make this team pay.’ I ended up having like 200 yards in the first half.�

Morale is a dangerous thing. Seems his morale is somewhat high in this one.


I like the idea of Thompson or possibly Boyd as a Flex. I am not super scared of the Jax defense because they have been exposed in the past so Tyreek is an ok play.

Boyd should have a great matchup at home against an ailing Dolphins D that is missing pieces and is playing in their second consecutive tough road match. The Dolphins offense was also looking pretty awful in New England, and I don’t look for them to turn things around this week. But it is the Bengals’ game to lose, and every time we believe in them, the Bengals morph into the Bungles and tank our fantasy lineups…

Thompson is a PPR beast and is one of the only 2 pass catchers from the Redskins I’d play (the other is Jordan Reed). New Orleans defense isn’t great and Barkley had a great week against them last week.


I was leaning more towards Thompson this week as well… I picked up Yeldon from the waiver… if not, Thompson would have been a sure starter.

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I think I’d play C Thompson. It’s a bit of a risk given his last game where he was hardly used, but playing against the Saints should call for the passing game to be crucial and he can get a ton of attention when that is the case (Week 2).

I’m also concerned with AP being thrown in the mix as well…

I snagged Yeldon for a 2-3 week rental too!


I’m rolling with Thompson. I could be totally wrong but all the stars are lined up for this one. Retribution for last year’s injury, coming off a bye, MNF. He’s is ready to go.

Boyd, Yeldon also good plays. Starting those as well. Great matchups for all these guys.

if you’re concerned about AP in the mix in Washington, then roll with Boyd. He has a particularly nice matchup at home! Good luck either way! Glad you have great problems like this!