Week 5 QB Streamer

I had picked up Dalton to stream against Arizona, but watching him against Pittsburg makes me feel…bleh. Should I pick up Brisset against KC instead? Thanks!

i might would try Chase Daniels. The Raiders are giving up 281 + 2TDs per game with only one INT. If Chase is on par with the others, that is 19 points.

Pros: 1. The Bears lack a running back that they can trust as a pure runner, so they will need to have a production from a yardage perspective from the QB position. 2. Cohen can score from anywhere on the field and is a great outlet for when a plays break-down. 3. Allen Robinson and Chase Daniel proved they were a good hookup. 4. In the last game, he had several down-field completions that were completed, however all them didn’t count because of Offensive Pass-Interference. 5. One week more working with the first team than he had last week. He is going to improve over his numbers from last week. 6. The Raiders play in Oakland and the weather looks to be nice this weekend (https://www.wunderground.com/hourly/us/ca/oakland/date/2019-10-5).

Cons. 1. The Bears can win with a minimal offense and they won’t need to score 21+ points to win. 2. Chase Daniels is not a runner, but he wont take sacks either so he is not a drive-killer, but he wont help you with any long runs like some of the other more nimble QBs out there.

Good luck this week.


I’d prefer Dalton. He’s at home and it’s AZ.

If Russell Wilson put up 240 and 1TD, I am not sure how much better the Red Rifle can do against Arizona. After watching the Beagles play tonight I realized that they cannot sustain drives. I think that it is very possible that Dalton is going to have a sub-par game again even against a hobbled secondary.