Week 5 Start/Sit: Jared Goff or Aaron Rogers?

I’m torn. Having been able to rely on Rogers for so long, I find myself needing to face the reality that Rogers won’t be the solid option right now that I need (my #1 WR and RB picks are both out or grossly underwhelming). I picked up Goff just after this past monster Thursday game given how solid of a team he’s a part of. So the question is, who do you think I should start this week?

My thoughts:

  • Goff has two fantastic receiving options and the league’s #1 pass catching RB.
  • Rogers has a questionable Davante Adams at best, with Aaron Jones as the next best option (though running plays =/= QB points)
  • Goff has a Seattle D that doesn’t have much in the way on red zone coverage, or zone coverage for that matter. Lions aren’t much better but they’ve been pretty wicked against the pass it seems.
  • Rams annihilated the Hawks last year (albeit on the running legs of Gurley but still) and I think the win will be just as easy
  • Rogers is motherf—in Aaron Rogers

Experts all around are tossing big praises for both this week, so, what say you for this specific scenario?