Week 5: Who do I start?

Freeman just got upgraded to healthy and it looks like it’ll be a great opportunity for some points against Steelers. However, I have James White and Calvin Ridley as well. I want to play Freeman with Ridley as flex, but White has such a good opportunity against the Lions.

  • Do I bench Freeman and play White and Ridley?
  • Do I bench White in favor of a Falcons/Steelers shootout?

I’m not listing “benching Ridley” as an option because that just sounds like a lot of points going on my bench.

Hate to say exactly what you said you don’t want to do, but I’d bench Ridley without question. The dude’s numbers are going to come crashing back to earth, they are the definition of unsustainable.

He does have a sweet matchup this week though.

Yeah those are my exact thoughts. I’m just waiting for that to happen but every time his numbers have soared it’s been all thanks to a great matchup (i.e. Saints). I’m kinda sold on him based on the matchup alone, especially since Julio is going to get their strongest corners. Only reason I’m shaky on Freeman is that the Steelers have had a surprisingly decent run D.

True. I do think that could be in Freeman’s favour though as the main receiving back. So personally he’s a must start imo.

I think I would start Ridley if you feel you need the upside (because he definitely has a higher ceiling than white this week), but if you think you should have a good chance of winning regardless of him, I’d go White for the higher floor.

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Great advice. Thanks. I think I’ll sit White only because I need the upside, which exists much for the Falcons much more than the Pats. More signs elsewhere are pointing to start Freeman regardless (he really is that much better than Coleman). With Edelman back, I think White won’t be as explosive as he was last week.

Yeah the more I think about it the more I think that’s the right call. Didn’t think about the Edelman thing. And NE should also get off to an early lead, which may mean the running back work heavily favours Michel.