Week 6 FLEX: A. Jones or P. Lindsay

Should I start Jones or Lindsay for FLEX in Week 6. Help me out guys… 0.5 PPR. Here is my lineup:

QB: P. Rivers
WR: J. Jones
WR: J. Edelman
RB: J. Mixon
TE: C. Brate
FLEX: Jones OR Lindsay?

BN: A. Jones
BN: P. Lindsay
BN: G. Tate (Bye)
BN: K. Golladay (Bye)
BN: T. Burton
BN: M. Davis

Most weeks i would lean lindsey, but this week I think its Jones. GB’s hesistation with him has been pass pro, but they should be comfortably ahead this week and running the ball more. Denver could end up down big and not running much.

Im stuck playing lindsay as a RB2, but trust him over guys like collins, davis, ekeler.
Injuries have killed my RB depth.

So for you i go with lindsay.

who would you put in the flex if you were me? Fuller is also a possibility, but kinda want to see what happens with coutee and him at full strength.

I dont know if playing down nessecarily hurts lindsay as much as you would think as he handles several targets a game.

I’d go with Coutee as FLEX if you have him

Well that didn’t help at all. I was already torn between the TWO and still am… Both are good but I am not sure which one to start for Week 6.

Agreed, but it does hurt him some, as booker sees more reps in passing situations. Lindsey only has 8 receptions all year. For me its more based on this being a plus matchup for Jones as opposed to a bad one for Lindsey. Its close, but that is my opinion.

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I would go coutee or possibly ekler in ppr formats.

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First all, great job building a stellar team.

As to your question, I would lean towards going with Lindsay as he has the most secure role and you don’t really need your flex to hit it out of the park for you. You’re core starting line up can do that.

Rams has shown they are very vunerable to the run and Denver has one of the best rushing offenses in the league. They will want to run the ball to keep goff and that potent rams offense on the side lines.

Lindsay should be able to get you the 10 points you need to win the week. Lindsay also can’t get scripted out of the game.

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I so much agree with you… And honestly yes, I have a really good team, but to be really honest… neither of these fools have been performing like they are supposed to. I’m currently 2-3 and 9/12 in my league… granted one win will put me in #4 or #5 because of the points I have accumulated, but damn it… its frustrating and that’s why I am trying to nickel and dime every point I can get :slight_smile:

I feel you but as long as you’re putting up points, you’ll be fine trust me. After 3 weeks, I was 1-2 and 9th in my league but had most PF and PA. then I went to 2-2 and jumped to 4th place. Then last week, teams ahead of me lost and I went 3-2 in a 4way tie but I am in 1st place now with most PF by about 100 points.

You’ll get there, stay patient. Your team is really solid.

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wasn’t able to pick him up. just fuller who looks to be suffering at his emergence

wasnt able to grab coutee.

One foolish thing I did was not start Golladay every week… Well after this week he will be my WR2 or FLEX going forward. I have Jones and Edelman, so that should do me well.